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About Heron Woods

Living Independently. Modern one and two-bedroom apartments provide gracious independent senior living in a convenient neighborhood setting. Spacious apartments include full kitchens, baths, air conditioning, and window treatments. Each unit offers an inviting balcony or walkout patio to enjoy tranquil wooded views and access to our private wetlands with its abundant wildlife. With weekly housekeeping, on-floor laundry facilities and a hair salon, Heron Woods makes living easy.
  Affordable for the long haul  Heron Woods residents, 
  like most seniors, live on retirement income and appreciate
  predictability in  their living expenses. Whether compared to other  
  independent living facilities or to home ownership, Heron Woods is
  one of the best values is the Grand Rapids area. For those who are
  relatively independent, affordable Heron Woods is a great choice.

Quality home-cooked meals.
A daily continental breakfast and family-style noon meal are shared with friends in a comfortably appointed dining room. A dietitian ensures that our home cooking is healthy and provides vareity and choice, including a salad bar that is constantly evolving. Naturally, residents are free to make meals for themselves, but most residents choose to mingle with good friends over good food. 

An old fashioned neighborhood. Heron Woods is a place where friends and family look out for each other and lend a hand when needed. This presents opportunities for seniors to develop friendships, remain active in personal pursuits and the community, and promotes the overall well-being of each resident.

Heron Woods
is owned and operated by Genesis Non-Profit Housing Corporation, an organization dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing to the citizens of Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. Heron Woods is run by an experienced on-site manager and an equally experienced staff that is sensitive and caring.